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Be a part of our Saturn Return

Hello everyone! We are looking for funding for our upcoming show, Saturn Return.

We have a variety of perks for you to claim that come in different prices. Every ringgit backed means a lot to us. We can't wait to share our stories with you.

About the Show


14 June 2023 (Wed) – 18 June 2023 (Sun) @ 8.30 pm 

17 June 2023 (Sat) – 18 June 2023 (Sun) @ 3.00 pm



Rooftop Theatre, Sunway College


Leaism, Lim Sheng Hui, Mia Sabrina Mahadir,

Sharanya Radhakrishnan, Sharifah Aleysha Tharwa Karina

Show Summary

In astrology, Saturn Return is a phenomena that occurs every 29.5 years. You'll experience a Saturn return when the planet Saturn literally "returns" to the exact zodiac sign, degree, and house it was in when you were born. Your Saturn return, which will happen two or three times in your life, is a period of getting really serious about who you are, what your legacy is, and what you're here to leave for the world. You can expect new challenges, responsibilities, tests, existential crises, and growth when your Saturn returns.

In this devised performance, the 6-piece all female ensemble will be exploring the themes of womanhood, spirituality, female friendships, love, sex and death. Saturn Return is presented Theatresauce.

Why crowdfund?

At Theatresauce, we wish to keep our ticket prices low so theatre can be more accessible to everyone. As per the norm in Malaysian performing arts scene, we depend on ticket sales and grants to compensate artists for their work.


With this crowdfund effort, those who wish to contribute more may do so while getting some amazing perks on the side. The funding can also help kickstart the show financially, such as in preparing for the show's photoshoot, costume sourcing and set building.

We are aiming to collect a total of RM25,000, but of course, the more the merrier. Any extra ringgit funded  is a continuos support for the livelihood of the artists!

Get to Know the Team

Mia Sabrina Mahadir
Producer / Director / Performer

Mia Sabrina Mahadir is a multidisciplinary artist. She acts, directs, writes, teaches, makes resin ashtrays and soy candles, reads Tarot and rescues cats. She recently graduated from Theatresauce’s Emerging Directors Lab 2021/2022 and believes that learning is lifelong. Having started her theatre career from Short+Sweet Malaysia 2012, her notable works include “Doa Untuk Mak” (wins Best Supporting Actress 2018), 15904 KM (a Best Actress nominee for BMW Shorties 2016), “Wayang” (wins Festival Director Award 2019) and “Orang Muda, Darah Muda”, her recent devised work for EDL which she directed, wrote, and performed in. Mia believes in the power of the universe, and finds that the coincidences in her astrological chart are too big to ignore.

Performer / Collaborator

Ilyahida also known as Leaism, is a singer songwriter, who started dabbling in the theatre world since 2017. Since then, Lea has become an actor, director and composer for theatre shows under multiple production houses. Her first theatre show as an actor had been done while she was finishing her debut album KESUMA that touches the highs and lows of emotions in loss, love, and mixed feelings. In recent years she has been a vocal coach for musicals such as Pulau Sri: Mahsuri remix & Sudirmania. Having done monologues, musicals, realism, and monodrama, it is her first time devising. Lea hopes to explore herself and the beautiful chaos called life through art. She believes in finding the space to explore & express art in different forms & mediums.

Lim Sheng Hui
Performer / Collaborator

Lim Sheng Hui is a theatre practitioner who enjoys devised, improvisional, movement-based, and experimental theatre. Her interests lie at the intersection of art, poetry, politics, psychology, queer liberation, and animal welfare. After a three-year hiatus, Sheng is excited to return to theatre. During her Saturn return, she hopes to let go of past pains and embrace new hope and love. Sheng was last seen performing in Theatresauce’s 2019 Emerging Director’s Lab Final Showcase, Mockingbird.

Sharanya Radhakrishnan
Performer / Collaborator

Sharanya Radhakrishnan has always been fascinated with the performing arts. She has a B.A. in Drama from the University of Exeter. Sharanya has a special interest in comedy. She has performed in several venues in the UK as well as KL. She has also performed improv comedy everyday for a month at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with a group called “Sisters from Another Mister” and performed at the Aberystwyth Arts Festival in 2013. Sharanya currently has her own theatre called Hush The Theatre and teaches drama to children, teenagers & adults. After having just performed in Theatresauce’s first show of the season, “Come home and eat” by Kelvin Wong, Sharanya is thrilled to be working with Mia and excited to be a part of the cast of Saturn Return.

Sharifah Aleysha
Performer / Collaborator

Sharifah Aleysha is a writer, filmmaker and mother. A graduate of the University of South Wales, Leysha received first class honors in her degree in filmmaking. The first young playwright to kick off the TIGA program at Five Arts Centre, Leysha is interested in topics that cover the ideas of womanhood, religion, time and death. Having been in the industry for more than 10 years now, Leysha is always looking for excuses to work with strangers and to get to know her friends better. Juggling many roles at once, her favorite changes from time to time but the most important one at the moment is making sure to not mess up her daughter.

Tharwa Karina
Performer / Collaborator

Tharwa Karina started her performing art journey as a traditional Malay dancer when she was 9 years old. However, it was not until after finishing film school that she delved into theatre and storytelling in 2018 with workshops by Namron and Jo Kukathas. She debuted in IQ.Rock, and has gone on to write, direct, compose, and choreograph shows like Tari Si Katak dan Cik Merak (2019), Head in the Clouds (2018), “Rojak Fusion” for Keretapi Sarong 2019 and 2021, and Perempuan 4 Dalam 1 (2021).
This year, she fell in love with Shakespeare after performing Macbeth Demystified under KL Shakespeare Players. She hopes to continue in the performing arts industry and expand her multidisciplinary knowledge.

Jazzie Lee
Scenic Designer


Jazzie Lee Jin Jye is a digital media designer, theatre-maker, and filmmaker. She is the co-founder of lowercase laboratories, where she made her directorial debut in the full-length production both of them were me (2022). Jazzie is the poster designer for Theatresauce in Season 2022 and 2023. She was projection designer for Theatresauce’s Come Home and Eat (2023) and Don’t Like It Here? Then Leave (2022). In film, Jazzie has directed, produced, edited, and set designed. Jazzie is also a member of the autism spectrum, where she finds making art her avenue to understand and process the world around her.

Yew Pui Cheng
Lighting Designer

Yew Pui Cheng is a budding lighting designer in the live entertainment industry. After earning a degree in Show Production from Full Sail University, Pui Cheng has worked on numerous local productions, quickly earning a reputation for her innovative and captivating lighting designs that seamlessly integrate with each performance's mood and ambiance.

With a relentless drive to excel, Pui Cheng is on track to become one of the most sought-after lighting designers in the industry. She is eager to push boundaries and create dynamic lighting designs that inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.

Vio Low
Stage & Technical Manager

Violacea Low, more fondly known as Vio, hails from the city of flash floods: & water cuts: Kuala Lumpur. Her previous theatre stints include acting and stage managing in local productions such as Life Sdn Bhd: Mental Health (2022), Both of Them Were Me (2022), Her Story (2023) and Melur The Musical (2023). When she is not teaching primary school kids or worrying over her Master's thesis, she hosts the Kawaii Vio podcast with her sister! It's a pandemic coping mechanism turned passion project. Lastly, she only prefers her French press coffees over the instant ones. Keep in touch on instagram @thevioisme

Emma Martin
Production Manager & Assistant Stage Manager

Emma Martin is just winging it. After 3 gap years and a year in the jungle later, she has made her comeback onto the theatre scene with her most recent work including stage management for Rapunzel (2022) by KL Players, Melur the Musical (2023) and A Hen-Made Tale (2023). As the youngest member of the team she has been enjoying listening to everyone’s stories in preparation for her own future Saturn return!

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